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Perfect Harmony – Julie and the Phantoms


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Download Perfect Harmony Piano Sheet by Julie and the Phantoms Cast arranged for piano in F Major includes 7 pages.

Perfect Harmony is a song written by Madison Reyes and Charlie Gillespie for Julie and the Phantoms. The song is a duet between Luke and Julie, during Julie’s daydream in dance class.

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Lyrics Demo Perfect Harmony

[Verse 1: Charlie Gillespie, Madison Reyes]
Step into my world
Bittersweet love story about a girl
Shook me to the core
Voice like an angel, I’ve never heard before
Here in front of me
Shining so much brighter than I have ever seen
Life can be so mean
But when he goes, I know he doesn’t leave

[Pre-Chorus 1: Charlie Gillespie & Madison Reyes]
The truth is finally breaking through
Two worlds collide when I’m with you
Our voices rise and soar so high
We come to life when we’re

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Perfect Harmony Sheet Music page 1

Julie and the Phantoms Perfect Harmony Piano Sheet Page 1

Perfect Harmony Piano Tutorial

Download Perfect Harmony Piano Sheet by Julie and the Phantoms Cast


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