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Good Stuff – Griff


Download Good Stuff Piano Sheet by Griff arranged for piano in G Major includes 4 pages.

This song is about a relationship with a guy who is not the best and when the finally break up the girl is only left with good memories of them and at that time the bad bad memories are not remembered

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Lyrics Good Stuff Griff

[Verse 1]
Take it back to the start
No, I can’t tell you apart
When we lost one another
That’s when I rediscover
My memories in the clouds
But my feet on the ground
‘Cause I know I should forget you
Why can’t I just regret you?

We were fighting fires every night when you met me
And it’s not fair at all, so after everything

Why’d you leave me with the good stuff, babe?
And forget about the mess we made?
Oh, I wish that my mouth didn’t smile when I think of you
But you left me with the good stuff, babe
And I know that it’s a crying shame
It’s a million times harder when I don’t hate you

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Sheet Music Good Stuff Page 1

Good Stuff Griff Piano Sheet

Download Piano Sheet Good Stuff Griff


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